Social Media Wins the #SuperBowl


Some may remember during the third quarter of the Super Bowl XLVII a power outage at the Superdome caused a blackout for over thirty minutes. Oreo, took to social media to take advantage of the attention grabbing power outage to write a simple tweet to their consumers ” Power Out? No Problem?” The tweet received over 15,000 retweets and 20,000 Facebook likes. Later, the joke made its way to another social media platform: tumblr. Accompanied by the caption “Oreo won the Super Bowl Blackout”

Now, For Super Bowl XLIX we move on to not ONE marketing ploy winning the Super Bowl, but SEVERAL. This year “How Social Media wins the #SuperBowl” looks at how mainly the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter are taking over the American pastime of watching the annual Super Bowl Commercials. With TV ads costing $4.5 million for 30-second commercial slots, some companies chose not to broadcast, and relied only on social media campaigns. The real question here is: What does this mean for Super Bowl Sunday? What will the Super bowl look like 10 years from now? Besides the fact Football will remain the same…How will we fill our commercial breaks if companies continue to choose to object to the option of broadcasting their commercials through our TV screens during our beloved commercial breaks?

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