Real Time Marketing, the Real Winner

Each year, advertisers invest millions of dollars and countless hours of work to be part of the Super Bowl action, in hopes of creating that perfect storm — an iconic commercial that elevates the brand and has an unprecedented sales impact.

There’s certainly no other televised event that garners as much discussion about the advertisements, as it does the actual telecast, than the Super Bowl.

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Besides the great food and drinks, the built up anticipation for the commercials draw even those who couldn’t care less about the game.

I noticed an interesting phenomena at the Super Bowl party I attended, and my guess is, you may be able to relate. During the game, the noise level was at a healthy high level (I would say half of the noise could be attributed to commenting on the game and the other half to completely unrelated side conversations). Yet, during the cuts to commercials, there was a choir of “shush-ing”. And, people took it really seriously — if you were talking during a commercial, even the guy decked out in Patriots gear from head to toe, would “shush” you. Maybe this was a unique circumstance, but I have to imagine, many other Super Bowl parties had the same trend going on.

Perhaps even more interesting than the actual commercials is the conversation about the ads on social media…and that conversation was not limited by just the big-budget players. Social media provided an avenue for Real Time Marketing geniuses to heighten brand awareness and drive sales, without spending millions on a TV advertising spot. Chris Kerns, who leads Analytics and Research at Spredfast takes a closer look at the data-driven winners for performance, defined as having the most social engagement with their posts.

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  1. Did you see the picture Tide had along with the caption “I’m just here to get out stains”?

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