Making Your Ad Dollars Count


I mean we all know people only watch the super bowl for the commercials…right?  While the actual numbers of Super Bowl viewers are expected to arrive within a day or two, I find myself asking, is it really worth it for a company to pay $4.5 Million for a 30 second commercial?  So, I wanted to take a closer look at what types of companies were choosing to advertise in the Super Bowl.

This year, we saw 15 new companies advertise during the game.  For Loctite , a newcomer who had previously only aired 3 national commercials, the Super Bowl seems like a great opportunity for them to reach a larger audience and put a limited marking budget to good use.   Loctite also used their ad spot to tie in their #WinAtGlue social media campaign which allowed users to get in on the action.

It also doesn’t hurt that their commercial was really funny.

Now, while I think for a company such as Loctite that is looking increase their brand awareness it makes sense to spend the big bucks and advertise in the Super Bowl, but what about established companies such as Coca-Cola?  Even for these companies, advertising in the Super Bowl can still be beneficial especially if you are getting consumers to interact with your brand in a different way.  A great example of this was the Always (link) ad.   When we usually see commercials for feminine products they typically employ the use of a blue liquid and/or women prancing around in white.  This time Always chose to go a different route.  Their commercial has actually been out since the previous summer, but was cut down to fit the 60 second Super Bowl slot.  The commercial introduces their #LikeAGirl campaign aimed to promote positive self-esteem in young girls.  Additionally, the fact that they were able to reuse footage meant that they didn’t have to also factor in production costs that would have come with creating a brand new ad.  This could be a great move for a company that doesn’t have a large marketing budget and looking to get more bang for their buck.

Here is the long version:

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