How to Advertise during the Superbowl…for free!

In an article by Mobile Marketer, I learned that Volvo decided to forgo the usual 4.5 million dollar SuperBowl ad, and instead asked viewers to tweet at them about someone who matters to them with the tag #volvointerception whenever they see any car commercial during the game for the chance to win a new Volvo.

Volvo is encouraging fans to tweet the name of someone who matters to them most with the hashtag #VolvoContest when they see any car commercial during the Big Game,…Participants will then receive an automatic Twitter reminder during the game to submit their story as to why their chosen person matters.

Twitter 2

Photo courtesy of Twitter

The winner of the contest will have their nomination win a free Volvo.

I’m personally a fan of Volvo’s risky decision. It didn’t feel gimmicky to me, as with other social media campaigns. This particular campaign had heart, and connected their brand with emotions. In a program dominated by a clutter of car commercials, I’m impressed that they have found a way to differentiate themselves from the rest, without a traditional commercial. I also think its commendable for a company to “live within their means” and connect to viewers.

“Volkswagen’s and other automakers’ decisions to skip expensive Super Bowl XLIX television ads point to how mobile marketing is seen as a more effective way to micro-target and harvest data from a consumer who is likely to engage with a brand.”

Saving a cool 4.5 million dollars is probably not so bad either…


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