Creating a Successful Social Media Campaign

In the article found through the link above, we find seven critical aspects to a successful social medial strategy. The article written by a social medial consulting firm, Socialbrite,  in fact was a well designed plug for their upcoming speaking engagement at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco. You can learn almost as much by how they constructed this article as much as by the content within it.

The seven main points of emphasis create a well rounded check list in creating your strategy. It’s really reminiscent of an operations order in the Army, minus knowing your enemy, which in this case is knowing your targeted audience demographic and media platforms in which they use. Continually assess your strategy’s overall success by way of metrics that are tied directly to your mission/goals, which need to be well articulated in your plan. Socialbrite goes on by suggesting you conduct something a of SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis of your plan, to gain a more holistic understanding of the operating environment in-which you’ll be conducting your strategy.

This is all well in good, but I found how they used this communication as on the surface appears to be a well intended article to help nonprofits build their strategy, that’s what they say state right? Well peeling back the first layer you begin to see a well put together social media strategy to not only gain brand awareness/equity for Socialbrite, but further, a well constructed announcement to their upcoming conference. They didn’t use anything devious to do so, we see they established credibility and sincerity with a great piece of literature on strategic planning and made the conference time and place seem secondary almost as an after thought or secondary. The way in-which they did this maid them seem less desperate for you to attend and more neutral, in my mind they are saying, “hey if you dont come its your loss”.

As a takeaway from the article we should not only incorporate the 7 elements into our strategy but also incorporate how Socialbrite conveyed information on an upcoming conference with first establishing some credibility with your readers (target audience) be sincere in your communication and don’t come across as desperate, make the plug seem secondary.

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