Power of Silence

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is getting all the pre-game Super Bowl hype. Exactly what Marshawn is NOT about. Throughout the season, he has repeatedly been known for dodging the media, even so far as to be fined $50,000 from the NFL on multiple occasions. This tactic has undoubtedly increased his exposure as our blog has already mentioned. Unfortunately for Marshawn (a rare personality in today’s “me first” athlete) his week has been filled with public communication.

While everyone handles this type of limelight differently, the real question is knowing if it will have an effect on his game today. From doing comedy sketches on late night TV (WARNING: the sketch is quite graphic), to promotions for his sponsors and his brand, Marshawn is entering uncharted waters in terms of his mental state before a game. A notoriously famous introvert (check out this great story by Robert Klemko for a background on his journey), all of this media attention must be taking a toll on him. Will he be sluggish in tonight’s game? Will it have no effect? Will he continue down this path post-game and provide advertisements and media spots on a more regular basis to recoup some of his fine money?

Silence can be used for great power in delivering and receiving messages. Marshawn has used his choice of silence his whole life to take action against things he did not believe were beneficial for him. Pauses in speeches for dramatic effect, the silence of a therapist to listen to the root cause of issues, even the need to write this piece in a quiet office are all examples we have seen to the power of silence. Nothing proves this message more than the series of “Speechless” clips by the NoMore.org campaign on domestic violence. I’ll let you watch the gut-wrenching SuperBowl ad live tonight, but for now, watch what the power of silence can really do.

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