Platform Pepsi!


Everyone knows the Pepsi brand — we see it everywhere, but this year, Pepsi is broadening their advertising campaign in advance of their flagship advertisement day, the Super Bowl. As they engage in ever popular ways to bring buzz upfront, their platforms have decidedly different feels.

Take their Vine campaign that plays on the ever popular #vinemagic across that platform in which people create multiple starting points for their 6 second videos to create a magical feel to the video.

Their Twitter campaign is a decidedly more information teasing option that alludes to what we may see during their ads or halftime show. Using the time sensitive nature of our need to update Twitter every 5 seconds, they are using the timeline of leading up to the even to capture our attention.

However, with only 6 Instagram posts in the entire month of January, I would say they definitely missed a key opportunity to put that logo in front of my eyes even more … although I am sure the post Super Bowl ad revenue totals will disagree!

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