Katycats Can Buy Pop Star’s Clothing While She’s Onstage Sunday


Billboard Cover: Behind the Scenes With Katy Perry as She Rehearses for the Super Bowl -- 'The Biggest Event of My Career'

Fans of the princess of pop can now not only hear her roar at her 12 1/2-minute Super Bowl halftime appearance, they can now buy exclusive Perry-branded items across social and Internet channels during her live performance on Feb. 1.  But only via Twitter, YouTube, Shazam, and Internet-connected devices from Roku, Samsung, and LG Electronics, said Variety digital editor Todd Spangler.

The first “shopping-enabled” Super Bowl halftime is being powered by San Francisco-based interactive commerce provider Delivery Agent, which has partnered with Visa to be the exclusive payment service for the promo.

Katycats can use Twitter’s “Buy Now” feature including @pepsi and @Visa to purchase the products directly the from the social service.  In addition, pep@katyperry–with 64.1 million followers, the most popular on Twitter, ahead of Justin Bieber, President Obama, and chart-topping rival Taylor Swift–may also tweet the “Buy Now” offer, according to Mr. Spangler’s sources.

Katy Perry-derived e-commerce initiatives–hear them roar.


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