Read this… so you don’t get fined

Im just here so I won't get fined

What makes for a successful Super Bowl Media Day interview? Preparation. Spirit. Energy. …Or you can just give the same answer to any question. Marshawn Lynch’s choice of “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” just might make this interview the best one yet.

Edit Jan 29: Updated link to alternate video

During his 5-minute interview, “Beast Mode” repeated his chosen phrase a grand total of 29 times. Sadly, none of the press members caught on to his persistence to have some fun with this rare opportunity. Lucky for Lynch, who was threatened with a $500,000 fine had he not attended Media Day, the NFL seemed to enjoy the extra attention that his interview produced.

The video of the full interview went viral immediately, gaining over 450,000 views only 9 hours after being uploaded. It even hit the front page of Reddit, with over 4,000 points.


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One Response to Read this… so you don’t get fined

  1. You beat me to posting this, so I have a few thoughts. I think that it’s questionable that the NFL requires its players to speak with the media. I do understand the importance of the media, but I feel as though there are ways to provide the fans with insider information that do not make media sessions mandatory for each player. For instance, a representative from the offense, defense, and special teams, pre-determined by the coach with the consent of each player. If more than one player wants to represent the unit, the more the merrier.

    One of the reasons that I tend to give Lynch a pass for all of this is because I truly believe he is being himself. From what I have read on him, he is a good person overall that cares about the people he trusts. Mark those in the media as those he does not trust, which results in what we’ve seen recently. If anyone is interested in what I felt was a great read on Lynch, check this article out:

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