Top U.S. City to Visit? Look No Further.

NYT Top Places to VisitI keep hearing that Philadelphia is a city on the rise. I suppose it’s simple to take it for granted when you spend all of your time here, but I came across an article recently that caught my attention. The New York Times recently released their 52 Places to Go in 2015, containing many dream destinations for most people; Singapore, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, etc. There are numerous U.S. cities sprinkled in, with only a few towards the top of the list. One of those being our own city of Philadelphia, ranked #3 overall and #1 in the U.S.!

This article got me thinking about a few different things. First, what makes this city so special? At first, when I thought about it, I could not put a finger on it. The weather is seasonably miserable at times. The people, as a whole, are seasonably miserable at times. The city isn’t particularly clean. So, again, why Philadelphia?

While I do believe all of these things are true, there are also so many great things happening in this city. To name a few:

1. Food. This list is clearly in order of importance. Any type of food that you would like, the city does it, and does it well.

2. Historical Sites. The historical district has attractions for all ages, including guided tours by folks dressed for the times.

3. Entertainment. Whether you are interested in the arts, sports, or music, there is always something going on in the city.

4. Parks and Recreation. Again catering to the seasons, there is something for everyone. Go for a walk or a run on Kelly Drive in the summer, go ice skating at Penn’s Landing in the winter.

In the end, what I realized is, it’s easy to get caught up in the monotony of real life and forget about the opportunity we have to experience a truly remarkable destination. It also got me thinking; do people that live in the other locations on this list feel that way about their home towns? Considering how I felt prior to reading this, my guess would be yes.

To read the article, visit

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