Snapchat’s New Content Won’t Disappear

Snapchat now shares 400 million snaps each day, famous for their ability to disappear.  According to CEO Evan Spiegel, those snaps outnumber the photo-sharing activity on both Instagram and Facebook.  Yet even with such staggering numbers, that’s not where Snapchat sees its future.

According to Digiday, Snapchat is planning to produce its own content in-house when it launches its Discover feature later this month, having hired a number journalists and video producers in recent months to help it become a full-fledged online publisher.

By producing its own video, articles and pictures, Snapchat is diverging from the path taken by social media platform giants Facebook and Twitter neither of whom focus on making its own videos to place on your timeline or wall and heading down a risker if not slippery slope.

For example, Tumblr fired three journalists in 2013 after a year of producing innovative in-house writing, a period the company later described as something of an experiment. But Snapchat, with its $10 billion valuation, advertising clout, and brand power among teens, may be better placed than its competitiors. The company certainly appears to be going all-in on its media division, with writers and videographers hired from News Corp, MTV, and other online publications.

Snapchat’s viewers also are younger than Facebook’s or Twitter’s.  More than half are younger than 25 who send out more than 700 million Snapchat messages daily.

What’s new here?  Snapchat, a photo messaging start-up (it’s only three years old) is joining a select list of media companies offering original editorial content.

Here’s the piece in Digiday:


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