I am not a big football fan. I do watch occasionally when my husband’s favorite teams are playing. Recently I have heard a great deal about Deflategate, where the New England Patriots are accused of deflating 11 out of 12 footballs that they used in the play off game against the Indianapolis Colts. As a side note, I did not know that each team’s offense uses their own NFL approved balls. The balls are checked by the NFL officials before the start of the game. They were approved. After a second quarter interception by a Colts player the ball was taken to the sideline where the player made his coaching staff aware that the ball felt under inflated. This triggered a half time inspection of the Patriots footballs where it was found that 11 out of 12 were underinflated two pounds per square inch. Public opinion is divided about whether  Indianapolis would have lost that day anyway but one thing is very clear this topic is a hot one as I have read about it on all of my social media sites as well as seen clips on YouTube where Kimmel and Conan poke fun at all the controversy.

The NFL has an on-going investigation and at this time have only made one comment. Players and fans are keeping it alive on social media sites. This was the hot topic of the week even though the President addressed the Nation and the Yemen government collapsed.

Articles of interest about #deflategate

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Tom Brady takes a sack from the White House

Twitter users are crushing the Patriots over #deflategate

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2 Responses to DeflateGate

  1. srochlin says:

    Major highlight in all this is that both teams get to use their own balls for offense … I feel like this is a key factor that is being left out of all the reporting on this, as both sides could have been using their preferred ball …

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