The Final Exam!

The Final Exam!

How can you measure the teaching success of Professors who are  instructing students learning today’s new world environment of Social Media? What would be considered ‘The Final Exam‘ for those students?

Well, a good case can be made that achieving and seeing this teaching success would be similar to that of the successful growth a tree to its maximum height or raising a child to adulthood.

Such results would not occur overnight (in most cases!) and the final finished product would not likely be to exact specification. A matter of fact, it could probably take some years or even decades to realize (as in the case above) the teaching success that Professors of Social Media may achieve with their students.

On top of all these uncertainties looms probably the most important question:

What would be considered a ‘teaching success‘? (That’s an article for another day!)

Now, there will be many ideas, expectations and desires as to what a final finished product, a student with a complete grasp and working application of the Social Media environment, would and should look like. And there is no guarantee that this final finished product state can be achieved.

Waiting on this success will usually comes down to a matter of ‘faith‘.

Throughout history there are numerous examples of major changes in day to day life powered by the person(s) who had ‘faith’ that their  ‘change(s)’ would be accepted.

Here’s just a small list of change innovations and creations that took time to prove itself:

Real World Change examples – ‘Accepting New Ways’ of doing things:

* Cars instead of Horses

* Email instead of Paper Correspondence

* Trains instead of Stagecoaches

* Women FashionPants instead of Dresses

* Eye Contact Lenses instead of Glasses

* Mobile Phones instead of Home Phones

And there are many more examples.

A new generation of Social Media practitioners are being trained and developed also this group is rapidly growing in numbers, however though their experience is limited.

Therefore the question is:

‘What new discoveries will these young Social Media practitioners create for this unknown future?’

Currently the Social Media landscape has no defined or concrete endgame evident at this time. The only visible constant in this new world seems to be its natural state of continuous change and unpredictability.

However, the scary part of this adventure will be trying to manage the speed of this change and unpredictability. We’re all in for a ‘wild ride’. Thank goodness for the efforts of our tremendous Social Media instructors! Now.

Where do we go from here?

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