Nod’s New Wearable Tech: Gesture Control Ring!

Are you still exploring Google Glass to your eyes? Nod is coming to your fingers. Recently, Nod Labs has introduced a Bluetooth enabled gesture control ring. The smart ring can communicate with your various devices.

The Nod ring works the similar way as your mouse or keyboard. It is like an input device for you to enter your controlling messages via gesture. Just taking natural motions of your fingers, you will be able to connect and control other electronic devices. Here is its commercial video showing how you can use it to watch TV, control keyboard, play games, read PDFs, etc.

So your unique gestures such as hand motions, finger taps and swipes help you to remotely (30 feet at most) connect to different devices.

However, it this bulky ring really necessary? While people are still getting used to wearable tech, it needs time for them to figure out whether the ring is convenient to use. Other than that, it is a fun product and brings to the innovation of interface design.

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