Google+ no more?

fbA recent report from TechCrunch announced that Vic Gundotra, the “father” of Google+, will be stepping down after 8 years. While Google claims this move is independent of the future of Google+ as a platform, critics speculate that this is foreshadowing Google+’s imminent demise. The platform, which has been relatively disliked by most users to date, has struggled to compete with social media gods like Twitter and Facebook.

While the chatter of “Will Google+ continue to exist?” now cruises the interwebs, I couldn’t help but wonder how that will play into organizations and their social media strategy. If we study social media, create social media strategies and campaigns that we implement, and then rely on those implementations for our marketing and/or communication, are we opening ourselves up to vulnerable marketing techniques if these platforms could just disappear at a moment’s notice? How do we protect ourselves against social media flops in which we’ve invested social marketing capital?

The answer to me is simple: cast a wide net. If we are to rely on social media to get our message out there, we have to use multiple platforms to make it happen. In other words, let’s not put all of our eggs in one basket. This will act as insurance that if a platform were to suddenly not exist, there would be other avenues to utilize to continue to get messages out there. Technology changes so quickly that it’s imperative we plan for the worst and cover our bases.

If Facebook ceased to exist tomorrow, I am fairly certain many lives would change, both personally and professionally. I don’t think this is a concept most consider – but perhaps it’s something we should. Because, as we strive to understand social media, are we losing the ability to live without it?


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