Twitter dolls up

Twitter added some make-up with its recent profile page redesign. The spruced up appearance, that strikingly resembles a Facebook profile minus the steroids, is remarkably appealing and easy to digest.

Personalization is the name of this game. The profile picture and banner photo prominently grace the screen and you can easily cycle through a user’s tweets, media, favorites and followers. Consistent with Twitter’s recent movements towards a more media-centric experience, the new design continues to give more emphasis and access to a user’s videos and images.

Before:Twitter Layout Before

After:Twitter Layout After

Most interesting is how blurry the line between Facebook and Twitter is becoming. Twitter, to its credit, has remained relatively focused on its role for conversations and hashtags. Facebook has expanded into all sorts of directions. However, both have kept a close eye on one another, borrowing and growing with one another and making sure not to fall behind.

With so much effort and thought devoted to mimicking the other, I’m curious what Twitter and Facebook are planning to keep apart and distinctly appealing. Most experienced social media users can justify the unique uses of each platform, which is strongly based on historical uses. What about new users? Kids born in 2014?

To be completely transparent: I have no answer.

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