The End? Not Really.

The End? Not Really.

We, in this class DYNM-558 of the year 2014, have been introduces to a magnificent ‘World of Wonder‘ – Social Media – which has really taken hold and is changing the entire landscape of human interaction worldwide!

As of yet, no group has a complete grasp or control over this space. And no one can really tell us where this Social Media ‘revolution‘ is heading and where it will end. A matter of fact, this space is so vast and open that we can design our own beginnings and endings within our own private world!

It’s like watching a great movie thriller (2001) without any idea of how it’s going end.

Social Media platforms have the ability to shape and reshape peoples lives and attitudes, on an immense level. Which makes it a very powerful and unpredictable technology. As mentioned in one of the previous blog post:

‘With great power comes great responsibility.’

This is completely true. Our knowledge and use of the Social Media platforms in this course has made us all very aware of its power and impact. We, as students, have acquired a certain amount of tangible power from studying and working in this space. What we do with this power, however, will have a great impact on our own Legacy.

I think and feel, however, that we all have a duty to use this new knowledge and power for improving the health and status of our society. Let all of us try to help solve some area of mankind’s problems with the help of these tools. Time is running out. Even ‘one‘ of us can make a huge difference.

Where do we go from here?

Let’s make a Difference!

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