Technology is Creating New Empire of Victoria Beckham

Designer Victoria Beckham, as a former Spice Girl, is now becoming a social media spice in the fashion industry. She launched the e-commerce website for her brand even before the opening of the retail store. It is really amazing to see how the digital presence creates the empire of her brand: Victoria Beckham.

Ever since 2010, she has opened her first social media platform Twitter @VictoriaBeckham (7.46 million followers!). She exhibits her personal insights in daily life as well as stylish photos and tips about her brand. She describes her twitter strategy as “[i]t’s to build an engaged audience through both personal and brand messaging” during her interview with Woman’s Wear Daily. So following on @VictoriaBeckham, you will know the real her and her empire of fashion business.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 7.51.04 PMLater in 2012, Victoria Beckham launched her brand’s Facebook page on her 38’s birthday. Slightly different from the twitter platform, the Facebook page is more brand-focused. You can see exclusive products photos, commercial videos and celebrity images, etc.

But she knows that this is far from slaughtering other designers in the social media marketing arena. She has closely worked with outstanding people in the tech world. Recently, she joined Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg on the #banbossy campaign to advocate women’s leadership. Partnered with Skype, she shares her career experience in Skype Collaboration Project. She portrays herself as a fashion lover who makes her  dream come true with innovation, passion and hard work.

Yes, Victoria Beckham is a working mum of four children. Thanks to the social media, the name of Victoria Beckham is associated with a fashion brand, a woman leader, a fashion entrepreneur who runs global market and more. Here is the video partnered with Skype that shows Victoria Beckham’s  empire – “Fives years- in depth inspirational interactive” career.

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