Meet & Seat: A New Way To Fly

ImageIn 2012, KLM Royal Dutch Airline introduced a new social seating service called “Meet & Seat“. The whole idea behind behind Meet and Seat is to introduce passengers with similar interests via social media, a chance to sit next to each other and network on their flight. Passengers have the ability to pick who they want to sit next to based on details from their Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles after they purchase a ticket. After they share their social media profile, they will be able to see a seat map that will show them where people who have similar interests are sitting. A good example would be, say a person is heading to a conference of some sort. They would put that information in their social media profile and would be able to see other passengers who have entered their information and are heading to the same conference. From there, they can choose if they would like to sit next to that person.

I don’t think this is my cup of tea. I can barely hear on a plane, so I couldn’t imagine trying to have a conversation through my whole flight. Not only that, but what if you meet the person and they are not what you expected? Some might like the idea, but for me, I’ll continue to read and listen to music on my flights.

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