Work Remotely without Feeling Isolated

Work from home Amongst those who work remotely, some people who work from home have difficulty maintaining boundaries between work and other areas of their lives.  Sometimes people feel lonely working by themselves and need others around to help hold them accountable.  The coffee house environment is not conducive to work for everyone. SpareChair was created as a solution for those who work remotely and want to be around other professionals.  The platform enables people to list their studio, home office, or workplace for as low as $5 a day. SpareChair provides those seeking work space the chance to select their work style, interests, and objective for attaining space in order to find the best match.  Some seekers may be looking for access to professional office equipment and others may need the structure to get out of bed. Currently the site is offering space in a Designer’s Studio in Santa Cruz, CA for $20 a day as well as space in an Union Square apartment in NYC for $20 for a half day.

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