Are digital ads converting to in store purchases?

Demonstrating the effectiveness of online advertisements in converting consumers to online purchasers has long been a part of Google’s toolbox.  The configuration of the internet enables Google to map the clicks, page views, and digital path of its users to analyze the impact of advertisements placed on its pages to an individuals’ purchasing decisions. For many brands this service is sufficient enough for them to buy ad space from Google.

Google shopping bags

However there are some companies that still want to drive consumers to their brick-and-mortar stores.  Do digital ads prompt consumers to make in store purchases or increase in store sales?  Previously the correlation was unknown.  How could that be measured?

Google is working with Acxiom and DataLogix, data collection companies, to match anonymous consumer information from data providers to web-based tracking cookies to determine how many products were purchased by people who clicked on a given ad as well as how much money those people spent compared to consumers who didn’t.  Google is also offering stores the ability to measure the correlation between ads viewed on smartphones provided the consumers have enabled sharing of their location data, and visits to brick-and-mortar stores.

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