Interesting Article – User Generated Content Trust

Millennials-Heart-UGC-InfographicI know in class we talked about user generated content and how relevant it is to millennials, but I am still impressived by:  1) how much time they spend reviewing it (~ 18 hours), and 2) how much they trust it (50% more than other media sources, and 3) how much more it influences them to buy (20% more influential).

In one of my previous posts on how the FTC is Fighting Back, I talked about how deceptive reviews on sites like Amazon, eBay, and other shopping sites were a big concern for me, as it was getting tougher to determine the motivations of the reviewer.  Deceptive practices + higher trust levels for user generated content means that marketers will still be trying to sell to us, in ever more creative ways.

Be careful out there!


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