Security Firms waking up to Internet of Things (“Hey, there’s money out there!”)

2 key things struck me in this article on ZDNet, and technical Blog.  First, I had no idea that Intel owned McAfee (not sure how I missed that!), and Second, that McAfee is starting to build a business out of securing the “internet of things”.  Michael Fray, Chief Technology Officer for Intel states (highlighting mine):

Security needs to be built in as the foundation of the Internet of Things. Any disruption to these IP-connected devices can cause damage to the business and our daily lives. We need to have foresight into what is coming so we can prevent against threats and securely manage these devices. McAfee is enabling the future and the possibilities that the Internet of Things brings to our daily lives.

There is some technical jargon in there for those who want to understand their strategy, but the gist of it is that security needs to be embedded in the device (or at least the idea of needing to secure it), instead of the classic model of trying to secure it after it becomes a potential threat.  They aren’t the first to try, but the fact that a giant like Intel is funding the push gives me some hope that there will be progress to secure our personal data and corporate data.  Another interesting article on ZDNet talks in more general terms about the internet of things here, which is a good primer for those who are curious to know more.

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