Could You Develop The Next Big App?

appsI recently had some ideas for some really cool apps, whether they actually become a reality or not that’s a different story, but it did get me thinking about how one makes their awesome idea into a success.  I found an article written in 2009 (updated in 2012) entitled How To Create Your First iPhone App (2012 Edition) by Jen Gordon and it gives some tips on how to get started if you are a beginner like myself.  She poses the question, how can a person with limited technical skills create an iPhone app?  The answer may surprise you and with a little old fashioned hard work may entice you to lift your app idea off the ground and into the tech world.  Here are the steps Gordon recommends to make your dream a reality:

Define Your Goal

Basically do you want this app to be your next full time job, basing a company off its revenue or are you just looking for some extra income while maintaining your current full-time position?   You can also create an app that promotes an existing product or is used for just some good old-fashioned fun.

Define Your Expectations

Gordon notes that a reoccurring question she has to deal with is how much can I expect to make?  She feels you should have realistic expectations with your app and there are many factors that go into a success of an app including cost, popularity, and managing success.

Know Where To Begin

According to Gordon, the app market has evolved from years ago with a fierce market now in place.  She recommends seeking the advice of an industry expert.

Gordon goes into specific steps of making your app a reality:

  1. Develop A Monetization And Marketing Plan
  2. Sign Up For A Developer Account (ex. Open an iOS developer account).
  3. Sketch Your Application
  4. Identify The Work To Be Outsourced
  5. Hiring Your Team

I highly recommend you checking out Gordon’s article if you are serious about developing your own app.  She goes into some very helpful specifics that will surly help your cause.  Would anyone like to share his or her app ideas with the class?  O wait better get a copyright first because who knows you just may have the next Angry Birds on your hands.

-Joe Lavin



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