NO ‘Vetting’? BIG Problem

Lorenzo Giacobbo captured the now-missing Malaysia Airlines jet -- registration No. 9M-MRO -- flying into cloudy skies above Rome on January 30, 2011.

                 NO ‘Vetting’? BIG Problem

It’s about vetting the information. For if the information being disseminated out there is bad or inaccurate then there is going to be a problem. Case in point: the Malaysian airline crash(?), Flight 370.

There has been tremendous activity on Social Media platforms, worldwide, in regards to this ongoing mystery. How can an entire jet passenger plane, a 777, with 239 people on board just disappear?
Someone has to know Something! Really.

The fact is currently: No one has any real information, as to what really happened to this airliner. However, ‘Emotions‘ continue to go up and down and ‘Hope‘ also continues to go up and down among the millions of people who are waiting for an outcome, any outcome.

This current crisis is causing adverse negative reactions and emotions between people and nations. The ‘victims’ families are in pain and they, with their home nations, want answers.

In addition, some Social Media platforms are exacerbating this situation, I’m sure, in an unintentional way they are causing major emotional strain and tension. Remember, people reacted very unpredictably in highly emotional crisis situations. You can also say the same thing about nations.

People are basically emotional creatures. Unexpected events involving high emotions tend to skew normal rational human thinking.

When this occurs, well you fill in the rest.
Social Media tools, unfortunately, very often, do not allow people the time to engage in the concrete rational logical thinking needed to solve complex problems. Many events have exploded negatively due to this condition (e.g. Arab Spring).

This Malaysian airline crash is way more of a tragedy then people think! The potential new problems that will arise, from this crisis problem, will not have good outcomes. We are headed towards a ‘bad space‘.

People do not see it now but they will, and soon. We have an immense invisible emotionally critical mass situation occurring now the other side of the planet due to this airline incident. And it will effect us All!

Where do we go from here?

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