Facebook Photo Share Saves Young Child’s Vision

coats 2

When users post status updates, videos, and photos on Facebook, it gives the world a glimpse into their personal life. But who would’ve thought that Tara Taylor’s glimpse of her daughter Rylee’s Facebook photo would save her child’s vision!

Many of Taylor’s Facebook friends commented on the photo of her 3-year-old daughter, writing about how cute she is or how big she’s getting. Taylor’s friend, Stacy Carter, commented about a white glow in Rylee’s left eye and explained that it could be nothing or it could be something seriously wrong. Carter explained that a family friend’s son had an eye disease with the same symptom, and thought it was crucial for Rylee to see a doctor.  Taylor heeded to Carter’s suggestion and took her daughter to see an eye doctor.

The doctor confirmed that Rylee was suffering from a condition called Coats’ disease. The condition is caused by an abnormal development of blood vessels behind the eye, which can lead to blindness, according to Dr. Milan Ranka, a pediatric ophthalmologist at New York University.

Rylee has undergone two surgeries since her first doctor visit and has experienced improvement in her vision.

Doctor Ranka explained that if the disease was spotted any later, there is a great chance that Rylee would be permanently blind in her left eye.

The Taylor family is so grateful that the situation was caught in time thanks to social media and an observant friend.


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