Dude Twitter Looks Like Facebook!



So Twitter just completed a redesign that looks eerily similar to the homepage of Facebook. Take a look at Michelle Obama’s FB and Twitter feeds above to get a taste.

According to today’s article in the Huffington Post, Twitter is recreating the visual layout to make it more appealing to the masses (i.e. those of us who are afraid of Twitter and stick to Facebook)! They are also working on making twitter speak more recognizable and focusing energy on promoting images in the twitter streams (Can you say “Instagram” anybody?).  “Like it or not, making Twitter’s profile pages look and feel more like familiar Facebook is part of that endeavor,” says author Alexis Kleinman.

Isn’t it a shame that marketers have to make something look like Facebook to encourage usage,  rather than allowing it to have its own look and feel?   Also, this isn’t saying much for those not on Twitter. Meaning, if it isn’t familiar and EASY,  people won’t use it.  But I guess, as we’ve learned in this class,  it always comes down to numbers, analytics and usage rates to drive the decision.   I’m sure a large team of people sat around the table and said, “What are we going to do about Twitter” before making these decisions.  And someone called out, “Well….what are the analytics?”











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