My Google Identity

When I got married and decided to change my name, it was a labor intensive process.  Being in my early thirties, my name was EVERYWHERE and wherever my name was, there was a different process and protocol to changing it.

Yet nothing compares to changing my GMail e-mail address.  I began this process a year ago by creating a new GMail account.  I slowly tried to acclimate into using this new account until a few weeks ago when I decided it was too confusing to have an e-mail address with a name people no longer knew.  So I decided to forward my old e-mails into my new e-mail and exclusively use the new one.  The problem?  Google.  For years I had enjoyed the pleasure associated with clicking a button to sync my Google account to most services I used – Google Reader (RIP), Google Drive, Google Calendar, Feedly, YouTube, my Apple ID, and on and on and on…

Once logged out of my old GMail account, I also logged out of all of these accounts.  In order to use these services again I had to create new accounts for each service and manually enter or sync as much information as I could.  As a heavy user of Feedly and YouTube, losing my history felt like losing a part of me.

On my Apple devices, it takes about 15 steps to change your Apple ID on a single product.  I have a lot of Apple products, and they still aren’t functioning normally.


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