What’s the password?!

Last Friday, CNN.com featured this article on the next wave in access to devices, cars, and even to protect people against identify theft. New technology being developed will allow users to forgo an alpha-numeric passwords or pass codes using fingerprints (which Apple has already incorporated with the iPhone 5S), heartbeat, ear DNA and even the speed of your walk or the way you type! Android platforms (most recently on the Galaxy line of smartphones) are also incorporating the use of facial recognition software to unlock and provide access to data and calling features!


This push for redefining the way to access everyday items in our busy lives comes with concern. There are researchers who feel that while the technology is out there, the development is key as imaging software and biometrics rely on top of the line advancements to make these features accessible to all users. Most of the devices rely on sensitive sensors within the phone’s product design as well as the camera (more dynamic and intricate than a typical point-and-shoot or mobile phone camera) and further research is need to make this technology available to all on many devices and products.

As an owner of the Fitbit, I am still in awe of the information tracked and obtained by a single device as it stays clasped on my wrist from day to day. It’s amazing to think what might come of the technology as this small, primarily inexpensive device can already track so much! It’s amazing to think about — with such advancements in technology, it’s truly exceptional for what is being developed! What are your thoughts?


 ImageThe Nymi wristband looks like a typical fitness band, but instead of tallying steps it detects your heartbeat to confirm your identity (above)

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