I read an article entitled 8 Ways to Get Your Posts Seen More on Facebook by Victor Luckerson of and I thought it related very well to our final projects and social media campaigns.  As business moves more and more into the social media realm I believe all of us will find some helpful pointers on how to make your product stand out very useful.   According to Luckerson businesses are not pleased with the amount of people their posts are reaching (only about 6% of the page’s fans), and numbers are on the decline.   This downward slope has caused tensions between brands that have used social networking as free marketing for years, and Facebook who is trying to build their advertising revenue.  Despite this friction Facebook is still urging brands to market their product more effectively and this below are several ways on how to do so according to Brandon McCormick, Facebook’s director of communications:

Target Your Posts

Basically target your followers that you feel would be interested in your brand as opposed to a mass audience.  I think this makes sense.  In my experience I have received a better response if I singled a few out as opposed to writing a mass message.  It gives people something to connect to.  Quality over quantity.

Use Photos Make Them Original

Bruce mentioned that he uses this tactic on XPN’s Facebook page with much success.  Interesting photos get people’s attention and maybe make them click around your page to see what else you have to offer.

Post At Odd Hours

This is interesting and I never really thought of this before.  If you post in prime hours there is a chance your post will get lost in the crowd.  Small fish big pond scenario.  But if you pick target hours and figure out whom you are trying to reach then if might help get your information noticed quicker.  I did something similar to this without even knowing.  As I was trying to raise money for Team in Training and cancer research, I decided to post on one of the many snow days we recently had.  I received a huge response and wasn’t sure why.  The second time my post received less then half the response and when I put two and two together I realized it was because my first post was during a time when most people were shut in and surfing Facebook.  It’s all about timing!

Start A Conversation

This seems to work, I have noticed that most post that get a conversation started are effective.  It basically gets people talking and gets them involved.  I feel people like to be involved and feel like they are part of something.

Be Engaging

Give people want they want.  Do not clog your page with uninteresting post and know how to engage your audience.  Facebook is a sales tool so be a salesperson.

Cross- Promote With Other Pages

This could help because it could get your brand noticed by people who don’t already like your page.  If you cross promote with another brand you could reach fans of their product and in turn they can become fans of yours.

Hop On A Trending Topic

Hop on the bandwagon or add to a conversation that’s hot in in the news.  I see this all the time on people’s personal pages, so why not give it a try with your brand.

Buy An Add

Obviously this is what Facebook wants you to do but the good news is ads are being sold at a discount and they are fairly cheap.

I think these are some great strategies and hope to incorporate some in my final project and future social media marketing campaigns.  What do you think of marketing your product on Social Media?  Is it worth the time and energy?

-Joe Lavin


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My name is Joseph Lavin and this site is dedicated to exploring the innovation of the digital classroom.
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