YouTube, the Babysitter


A recent report says that Google is considering the development of a YouTube specifically for kids under 10. Videos would be guaranteed safe and appropriate for the demographic. Interesting notion. On the surface, YouTube sounds like a great, safe environment for kids to freely browse as parents go about smiling and focusing on their own lives.

Deeper than that, YouTube for Kids yields great opportunity for Google to integrate as a boulder in children’s lives. Kids already watch a significant amount of television and are increasingly becoming drawn to YouTube. On a television, you can’t click, deliver incredibly tailored ads or study big data. If YouTube breaks down these barriers, they can get to know their audience at an incredibly young and formative age. The data that can be accumulated and studied is extraordinary. Could habits in kids be indicative of their future? The curiosity of kids and the interactive nature of YouTube could quickly turn the television into a relic of the past.

These initial thoughts are only the brink of the iceberg.

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