Tips on using twitter to drive website traffic and sales

Twitter “experts” gathered recently at Hoot Suite for an event called Ignite Your Marketing Success on Twitter event at Twitter headquarters a few weeks ago. The discussion was focused on how to leverage twitter to drive website traffic and sales. Some of the participants included Carly Severn, Digital Engagement Associate for the San Francisco Ballet, Ronald Toledo, Senior Marketing Manager at Evernote, and Mat Rider, Head of Social Media at DocuSign. Watch the full video above, however here are some tips they used to help shape effective campaigns.

Q: Do you have any best practices for when compliance stifles creativity?

Ron, Evernote: Maintain a natural voice with your audience. Be aware of the voice that’s been carefully curated over time and keep in mind to match your tone with that voice.

Q: With people who are used to traditional ways to generate revenue and engage with an audience, what do you suggest to encourage them to work with social media?

Matt, DocuSign: By educating the team and walking them through the process. Start out with showing them who our current audience is, where the conversations are taking place, and show them what’s already happening. From there show them monthly trends about the conversations, different types of verticals and what kind of conversations are working to drive revenue through website views. It’s a lot about education and showing stats.

Brinn, Twitter: It’s about establish where your audience is, what that volume looks like and tying that back to a metric you can hold yourself accountable for, whether it’s visits to your website or the number of people downloading your app. Whatever your keystone metric is in traditional media, Twitter can still held to those same standards in a lot of ways.

Carly, San Francisco Ballet: Be really clear about what you’re going to do. Open communication is important. Social Media is only one piece of the pie.

Read the full article here.

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