Apple Makes Texting and Walking a Little Easier…Or Do They?

texting see

Sometimes I think texting and walking is necessary, especially on the days I’m super busy and have multiple people texting me. However, when I text and walk,  I sometimes almost collide with other people and objects. Texting and walking can be a little dangerous at times, but Apple believes they can put an end to this with their new ‘transparent texting’ patent, which was published on Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This patent allows individuals to use their iPhone’s video camera to pipe through a live feed of what’s happening in the real world behind their Messages window. During the text messaging session, the device’s camera can show a background video as to what’s going on around the individual in live time. According to Apple, the camera can be a rear-facing camera on the device, so that the video images represent the views that the device’s user would see if the device’s display were transparent.


The main problem with this new patent is that a lot of people tend to text with their phones facing the ground, not directly out in front of them. We could always change the way we text and walk, but that would be a total pain for a lot of people.


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