Tag! Twitter’s It — Jumping on board with tags and picture collages.

Last week, Twitter announced that it will now allow its 241 million users to start tagging up to ten handles (friends) in a single tweet. Previously, users could “tag” friends by adding their names to the actual tweet, but often ran out of space and characters due to the 140 character count limit. Also, Twitter announced that users will also be able to tweet multiple pictures (up to four) in one post. Previously, users would have to use a third party app (like Pic-Stitch or Frames) to created a collage or grouping of pictures before posting it to Twitter.

Twitter users can elect to enable or disable options to be tagged through this new functionality so that handles can be kept private and un-taggable.


Twitter jumps on the ever-changing bandwagon of staying up-to-date on the newest and innovative changes to its app on Android and iOS devices to stay in line with Facebook in the social network competition. What will be next? It seems like each platform is constantly trying to out do the other. Can they all just get along? With most platforms “talking” to each other overall, shouldn’t there be more collaboration on the interconnectedness of each social media front?

Tweet me your thoughts @sfrenkel516 (don’t forget to tag your friends!)

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