Top 10 Useful Social Media Techniques


Evolution occurs with/to all species, trends and movements. Nothing ever stays the same.

So you got to ask yourself – The What, Where, Why, When and How  questions in regards to this phenomena mentioned above.

Can one determine or predict the thoughtful interactive engagement processes between:

* Communities
* Businesses
* Customers and Brand
* Friends and Family
* Prospects and Peers
that would be beneficial if generated and sustained through the deployment and use of Social Media platforms?

Everyone would probably agree to the fact figuring out such an ‘engagement strategy’ for Social Media content would be difficult. However, I’m going to have a ‘go at it‘, in the form of a Top 10 List. Feel free to comment and also come up with your own Top Ten!

‘There is plenty of room left in the pool!’


     My Top Ten Engagement tips for using Social Media platforms

1. Observe the choices, impressions, challenges and wants of people. Try to match the social media platforms to these qualities accordingly.

2.  Become a true participant in each group you wish to engage with. Understand them.

3. Make sure your communications and intent is clear to all participants.

4. Establish and enhance beneficial relationships. Both in person, face-to-face, as well as online.

5. Don’t just listen passively – listen actively!

6. Don’t just talk at an audience. Provide value, direction and insight with each opportunity.

7. Use collaboration and advocacy to build and maintain ‘connections‘ with people and groups.

8. When dealing with businesses and brands. Identify their identity, character and personality then match them to the groups and/or individuals.

9. Always ask yourself this question:    Where do we go from here?

10. Use the TRUTH. It wins most of the time!


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