EEOC and Social Media


I was searching for an article the past few weeks, I have seen topics about employment discrimination through social media. This week again it has popped up, so I figured it was an important topic to discuss. 


The EEOC is in discussion about how social media should be used in employment. Can companies use social media to decide whether they are going to hire a potential employee or not? Should companies demand passwords of potential employees to get information, or should they only use what is public available?


Currently there is only four states that prohibit employees from requesting passwords. It is not just the interviewing process that the EEOC is concerned about, but also social media while someone is employed. Some companies have employees use their personal electronics, can employers request the information on an employees personal phone? These guidelines need to be set in place to establish boundaries. 


Where do you think the line is drawn on social media and work


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