G.M. deals with major recall through social media

ImageG.M. seems to be handling a recall of over 1.6 million cars pretty well over social media. It is 2014 and if people do not feel their voice is being heard through a call center, the first place they will go is social media. Unfortunately for the brand, by that point it is usually negative comments about the company or their personal experience. G.M. is aware of this and is working on brand reputation by having a two way conversation with customers on Facebook in regards to the recalls.  

“If they don’t respond to the customers, then those customers are going to continue to flame them,” said Mr. Rust, who is also an international research fellow at the Oxford University Center for Corporate Reputation.

A robust public response is particularly important in wooing first-time customers, who are critical to the company’s future profits. “They are thinking, I can either buy this G.M. car that I know kills people or I can buy something else,” he said. (Goel, 2014)


Click here for more information on G.M. recall

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One Response to G.M. deals with major recall through social media

  1. sydhavely says:

    You’ve put your finger on the issue perfectly. It’s a tightrope for GM. They’re in the midst of a reputation crisis that is under both private and pubic investigation but they want to be seen as active and committed as they can be. They’ve turned to social media as part of that strategy in hopes of containing the issue. It’s too late to get out in front of it, but not too late to mitigate it. too much is at stake for America’s iconic and largest automaker. Great post, Kate, and very relevant.

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