Can Cats Predict the Weather?

Forget meteorologist and weather apps, want to know what the weather will be like? check your cat.


In 1883, Henry H.C. Dunwoody, a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Signal Service, wrote a book called Weather Proverbs. In this book, he argues that certain behaviors of cats can predict what the weather will be like.While his book uses examples of how other animals can also predict the weather, I will only focus on cats.  Dunwoody believed meteorologist should not only focus on advancing forecast technology, but they should also focus on studying the natural world. He explained that cats display four different behavioral characteristics that will help us to determine what the weather will be like:

1. Sneezing – If your cat sneezes, this may be a sign of allergies, but Dunwoody argues that it is also a premonition that rain is on the way.

2. Cleaning their heads for an extended period of time– this may be another sign that wet weather is on the way.

3. Snoring and lying on their backs, with their mouths facing up – this means that the weather is getting ready to turn for the worst. It may mean some sort of storm is coming, including snow storms.

4. Washing their faces with their backs to the fireplace – this means that the weather is getting better — warmer or more sunshine.

For those of you who have cats, make sure to pay close attention to their behavior during weather changes so that you can test this theory for yourself.


Check out the video from Weather Channel




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One Response to Can Cats Predict the Weather?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Cats seem to have a permanent place in social media as your apt post totally convinces me.

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