How do you Measure the Life of a Tweet?

WHAT ABOUT TWOUIJA? No, it’s not a popular board game, but a new model used to predict the life of a tweet.


Wharton Marketing Professor, Eric Bradlow, along with fellow researchers have develop a model to predict the number of shares of a tweet within a short time span of it being tweeted.  The researchers developed the model, dubbed Twouija in homage to the Ouija board game. According to Bradlow, “understanding retweet behavior could lead to a better understanding of how broader ideas spread in Twitter and in other social networks…. Understanding this type of information spreading would potentially allow one to predict which trends, memes or ideas will become popular, how popular they will become and how quickly they will become popular.”

This method of prediction the life of a tweet shows how common sense combined with homophily (birds of a feather flock together) can begin to be monetized by proactive companies!

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One Response to How do you Measure the Life of a Tweet?

  1. sydhavely says:

    It’s the way of the world and no doubt being able to collect, store, and analyze that data will yield insights– maybe not “why” but certainly “what” is going on and that’s a big piece of the puzzle. Absolutely great post.

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