Are you a “do-gooder”?

Last week YouTube announced its 2014 Do-Gooder Video award winners from non-profits and individuals who submitted videos via to showcase social change in the most creative and inspirational ways. Starting eight years ago, YouTube, in partnership with See3 Communications, do-gooders submit videos that engage people with true-to-life stories that raise advocacy and awareness. Winners of the contest win a  cash prize and a showing of their film at the 2014 Lights. Camera. Help Festival.


The awards below are the featured categories where each had its own winner:

  • The ImpactX Award: A video and short essay category for creators who demonstrate the impact their video had on their cause. This year’s winner was presented by Alex’s Lemonade Stand and how one particular teen girl was a “Cancer Slayer”! Beautiful!

  • The Best Non-Profit Video Award: Awarded to the best overall video created by a non-profit organization. This year’s winner was “Right by You”, a video to raise awareness of getting help for troubled teens to lessen the impact on teen suicide from Partners for Mental Health.
  • The Funny for Good Award: Recognizing effective use of comedy to make people laugh and take action. This year’s winner was from the Canadian Cancer Society who featured an original song to educate men on checking for testicular cancer!
  • The Most Inspiring Youth Media Award: For youth who best communicated their thoughts on pressing social issues in a way that inspired others. This year’s winner was from Wide Angle Youth Media that shared the struggles of refugees living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Not only did these amazing video clips get their points across is just a few minutes, it was amazing to see the impact with such cleverly filmed, produced and edited work. Michael Hoffman, the CEO of See3 Communications, remarked how the videos keep improving year over year due to videographers keeping up with the latest technological trends to make their videos crisp, clean and chock full of information! Staying at the forefront of changes in social media and technology is key is keeping the video submissions fresh!

The videos made me laugh and also brought a tear to my eye, which ultimately led me to stop and think — what good have I done recently? Take a moment to stop and think…are you a do-gooder?

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