Teams Track Fans’ Tweets and More–High-Tech Analytics Blended with Old School PR

In the NASCAR Fan and Media Engagement Center, 13 46-inch TV screens display charts, tweets and live races.

NASCAR’s Fan and Media Engagement Center in Charlotte, NC tracking social media of fans in order to tweet and then re-tweet to create more fan buzz based on “live” events.

The new dashboard is not a glass dashboard on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Impala SS or Sebastian Vettel’s Formula 1 Renault-powered RB9 steering wheel flashing from red through green to blue to help the him time his gear changes to perfection.  It’s the 13 46-inch TV screens  that display charts, tweets, and live races inside NASCAR’s Fan and Media Engagement Center watching fan tweets in order to tweet back or label them and re-tweet them with the video that inspired them.

Welcome to the new world of fans creating more fan buzz with the help of high-tech analytics.

The NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and other teams and leagues both nationally and worldwide are getting on the bandwagon of using social media to better engage their fans and create buzz for the game.

According to the NBA’s command center boss, Melissa Rosenthal Brenner, “It’s the way of the world now.  It’s the new TV Guide for choosing programs.”  The theory being that if something happened in the game that starts a Twitter trend, like a NASCAR crash or, as Marv Albert announced, “Oh, Durant, serving up a facial!” as he stuffs the ball in the basket during a wicked dunk, the follower will see it and tune in.

This 4-minute segment on WHYY’s “Morning Edition” called “For Pro Sports, Public Relations Going High-Tech, Real Time” glimpses this new and growing use of social media tracking and use.

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