Managing the Message In Spite Of — or With — Social Media

Our class discussions have touched on the challenging task of maintaining control over a brand or message in the era of Social Media and crowdsourced information sharing. So it was quite timely to find in my Inbox this afternoon an article by Carmen Nobel (of Harvard’s Working Knowledge) on the work of Jill Avery, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. Avery proposes a really interesting way to think about the channels and marketing — which should help a great deal in pulling together a coherent, cohesive Social Media Strategy for many organizations. Nobel writes:

“According to the paper, consumers are operating in four concurrent Web-based eras: The Age of the Social Collective, The Age of Transparency, The Age of Criticism, and The Age of Parody. “We tried to extrapolate bigger themes that would be helpful to brand managers as they looked at this new culture,” Avery says. “

Each of these thematic views of our culture help illuminate ways to think about communicating in the Digital age and, at least for me, help frame how to approach the strategy of that communication.

The key takeaway attempts to answer our classmates’ questions from last night’s discussion — celebrate the good posts, roll with the bad posts, and look for opportunities to increase the brand image. The article ends with a funny video mocking the Nintendo Wii, which you may agree actually does elevate brand awareness.

See, I hadn’t thought about the Wii for months til I saw this; now I might actually go home and try it out for fun (and who knows, maybe pick up the Wii fit?!).

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One Response to Managing the Message In Spite Of — or With — Social Media

  1. sydhavely says:

    Cute ad and nice twist on the usual “push” ads about in-home fitness products like those huge in-home gyms by SolarFlex and people working out “in the comfort of their own home” that show people 1) I’ll never look like in a million years; 2) using equipment that probably cost and arm and a leg; and 3) that will probably be collecting dust in a month and will become a very expensive clothes rack. Poking fun at themselves can sometimes work for advertisers, as your excellent and apt WiiFit post shows.

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