I Just Want The News!

With the way news flies across Facebook and Twitter, I was pretty that people use these outlets to get their news. Well, it looks like I’m wrong. According to a survey that is part of the Media Insight Project, social media is NOT replacing traditional news outlets. People rely on electronic news alerts or news that comes directly from news organizations way more than from Facebook, Twitter or even search engines. The article even goes into what medium people rely on when it comes to the actual news topic.


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2 Responses to I Just Want The News!

  1. sydhavely says:

    Seems CNN, the cable channel news station, got a big bump in viewership when the Malaysian Flight 370 news story broke and afterward. Traditional news outlets are hoping that whatever audience share social media takes they can continue to hold their audiences, particularly in times of crisis or big breaking news. Good post.

  2. lbenjamin81 says:

    I for one feel like I always get my “breaking news” from Facebook first. Then when I see something happened, I go to a reputable news source. Either way, it’s good to see that people still rely on actual news sources.

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