Competition for Spotify and Pandora?

beats by drepandoraspotify


I don’t know how many of you are music lovers but I am. I use Spotify everyday and listen to Pandora every night to go to sleep. I have grown accustomed to the computer generated playlists that provide me new songs in addition to my favorite bands. Spotify also allows me to share playlists with friends and helps me grow my community within the music world even more, as I have discovered more bands and different types of music than I would have ever dreamed.

But here comes more competition. Beats by Dre, which was formerly created by hip hop legend Dr. Dre, have created another music app to listen to your favorite music. Molly Wood, from The New York Times, takes a quick look at the new app and how it compares to Pandora and Spotify.

While this app does create playlists, the playlists are created by humans and not computers. It has 20 million songs in its database but the main argument against this app is that it is more geared toward a younger, “hipster” generation. The application works more like mad libs as you navigate your way through the music selection process. Also unlike Spotify and Pandora it does not have a free version to trial. The cost of the application is $10/month which is the same price Spotify charges for its full application use.

(The link below has Molly Woods full review)

The Beats by Dre application goes for a more interactive approach to music listening as it allows the user to pick a song that would be perfect for each occasion. However, there are people that do like applications like Spotify and Pandora to choose music for them opening them up to new songs and genres that they never heard of.

I am not sure how successful this new application will be, but what I am sure of is that it will be a big hit with the younger teenage market as public figures such as Lebron James and other celebrities become more attached with this new “hip” brand.

Here is another review of the app on youtube:

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