Challengers to WhatsApp?


We all know that Facebook just recently purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion last month. But is it really the most used free text messaging application in the world?

Brian Chen, a blogger from the New York Times, begs the differ. Chen writes in his blog post, that after coming back from a conference in Spain, WhatsApp was not the most commonly used free texting application. Applications such as WeChat, Kakao Talk, TelegramThreema and myEnigma Secure Messaging all offer secure free messaging.

If this is the case then the question has to be asked why would you spend $19 billion on one app when people all over the world are using the applications which are being created in their own country?

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2 Responses to Challengers to WhatsApp?

  1. sydhavely says:

    Sprint’s chairman and Yahoo of Japan’s owner Masayoshi Son said, when asked the same question by Charlie Rose, said “He’s betting he can make WhatsApp better in the future. It’s all about the future in software, wireless, and social media.”

  2. fglane says:

    I totally agree with that statement as there is always something to improve on and they are making a prediction about what the company will be worth in future. It just seems that with so many of these brands out there and so many smart individuals, that the creation of more of these products could challenge WhatsApp openly. Much like Beats is doing with Pandora and Spotify.

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