Check Facebook or Twitter for tornado warnings


If you know anyone that lives near Oklahoma, they may have participated in a recent social media “tornado drill”. In some of the rural areas, those who do not have TV’s are forced check apps and weather websites since some areas cannot pick up radio reception.

The recent drill was posted to Facebook and Twitter (in English and Spanish), and asked people to share, retweet or like the post to spread the message during severe weather.

The Facebook post had reached nearly 800,000 people 12 hours after it was posted. But that’s little help to forecasters who have on average a 15-minute lead time for a tornado warning. It’s not clear where the people who saw the post were located, and Smith said the majority of them saw it because one of their friends “liked” or shared it. (Eaton)

While they are encouraging people to have atleast 3 ways to receive tornado warnings, they are working to improve the social media alerts.

click here for more information.

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