Tweeting a Guide to Behavior Management

6 emotionsTwitter recently compiled data that broke down users emotions and behaviors by month and date for 2013.  Not surprisingly,  users were late for work with more regularity on weekdays during summer months than the months in fall, winter, or spring.  Users tweeted using the word “sad” in December more frequently than in any other month.  While most of the data was not shocking, there were a few outliers, such as an abundant of “happy” tweets for Tuesdays in September and a high volume of “sad” tweets for Sundays in July.  As the number of Twitter users increases and Twitter’s timeframe for data expands in the next few years, could this data be used to plan activities and schedules that best suit the patterns of people or particular populations?

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One Response to Tweeting a Guide to Behavior Management

  1. sydhavely says:

    Interesting blog, Alyssa. Saw a piece that says an analysis of Tweets by the Pew Research Center, found that Twitter users are more often than not negative “by a wide margin,” therefore suggesting that Twitter reactions to major events might not be representative of the public as a whole. You’re blog suggests that Tweets go up and down. Interesting.

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