Snowden: I have no regrets.



ImageEdward Snowden took an opportunity to address a crowd of developer and entrepreneurs at the South by Sowthwest conference earlier today about the state of our privacy and what developers needs to do to protect the public. Snowden used Google Plus video conference to address the audience from an undisclosed location. He stated that developers are the ones who can help in protecting the public and figure out a way to stop the government imposing on the American people’s privacy. He feels that while the government is surveiling people, there needs to be someone or something that surveils the government to ensure that the government is not abusing its power and keeping data on regular everyday people. The article is very interesting and I have to admit, I was fully in the know about Edward Snowden. I heard little bits and pieces hear and there, but now that I have some background, I can understand why he did what he did. That’s just my personal opinion. His question is a question that I always ask- Who’s going to police the police?

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