Crowdsourcing in Hopes of Finding Missing Plane


Search widens for missing Malaysian passenger jet

An Indonesian Navy crew member scans the water bordering Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand during a search operation for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 near the Malacca straits on Monday. Crowdsourcing may help that effort.

Two pairs of eyes are better than one. In this case, a crowdsourcing campaign could seek the help of thousands of people to locate the missing Malaysian airliner and the 239 people on board, from the comfort of their homes.

As 80 aircraft and ships from 10 nations scour for evidence of the missing jet in the South China Sea and along the Straits of Malacca, a Colorado-based satellite imaging company, DigitalGlobe has launched an effort to crowdsource the search, asking the public for help to scan and tag high-resolution images for any sign of the missing airliner on

Senior manager of Geospatial Big Data for DigitalGlobe, Luke Barrington told America’s ABC News that each pixel on a computer screen represents half a meter on the ocean’s surface.

Yahoo news story:

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