You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream? Social media made you do it!

The idea of group formation and homophily (liking the same thing) has been studied in the context of diffusion of technologies (thanks Everett Rogers).   But know we have new studies on social media and disordered eating.   Florida State University Psychology Professor Pamela K. Keel studied 960 college women and found that more time on Facebook was associated with higher levels of disordered eating. Women who placed greater importance on receiving comments and “likes” on their status updates and were more likely to untag photos of themselves and compare their own photos to friends’ posted photos reported the highest levels of disordered eating.

Do You ‘Like’ My Photo? Facebook Use Maintains Eating Disorder Risk,”

As for myself I’m not particularly enamored by the study, I’m Canadian so we don’t hold to the idea of homophily.   What would you expect from a people that plays shinny on frozen ponds and like to eat cheese curds and gravy on french fries (poutine).   Oh and don’t forget about our good Canadian beer & Canadian bacon.

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